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In the crowded space of content marketing professionals are you setting yourself apart?

We’re pioneering new ways for social media professionals to seamlessly merge creativity and functionality while redefining networking excellence for their clients, followers, and supporters.

Our members-only group of professional social media marketing professionals cater to a diverse clientele ranging from artists, business owners, entrepreneurs, and social innovators.

We’re committed to creativity, innovation, and sustainability.

You too can be a hero!

Renovation and Opportunity

Refer our services to your clients/network and earn ongoing rewards for every subscriber that you introduce while helping others achieve their growth goals.

Continuous Payouts

Experience unlimited earning potential and financial independence through our exclusive marketing affiliate program!

Advantages of Multi-Level Marketing

Our compensation model is designed to recognize and reward your contributions, not solely from direct sales but also from assisting your recruits in establishing your own teams.

Affiliate Tracking

Accurately track and record affiliate referrals and conversions to ensure proper commission attribution.

Integrated Online Payouts

We provide multiple payout methods such as PayPal, Stripe, or bank transfers to accommodate affiliates’ preferences and ensure timely and convenient commission payments

Affiliate Portal

A dedicated affiliate portal where affiliates can access marketing materials, track their performance, and access support resources

A New Era of Digital Business Card Advocates

Our comprehensive suite of branded digital business card platforms and software customization services cater to a diverse clientele, ranging from business owners, entrepreneurs, philanthropists to sports organizations.

Paaredologist will rule the world.

  • Our members include an elite group of digital business card design specialist.
  • You do not have to think about what to create, digital business cards are something every type of business wants. They are something they need!

We have a broad selection of vertical market digital business card platforms.

  • Shareable Cards for business owners & entrepreneurs
  • PiiCards for individuals engaged in creative industries
  • Sports Cards for athletes, coaches and sports agents
  • Be Remarkable Cards for advocates & philanthropists

“You’ll save countless hours of prospecting for new clients by unlocked opportunities you never thought possible.”

Social Media Professionals Network

A global network of innovators

Experience the fusion of imagination and expertise with Digital Business Card Solutions. Drive new revenues while accessing all the resources you need.